Nelson Tree Service is founded by Fred L. Nelson, a tree surgeon, in Dayton, Ohio. Established to provide high-quality right-of-way line clearance for power utility companies, Nelson begins by serving utilities in Cleveland and Kansas.

Nelson promotes new V-trimming methods to help maintain tree growth while delivering effective line clearance.

V-trim clearance

Teams of horses help with the logging in the rugged terrain of Southeastern Ohio.

Power saws begin to appear, replacing cross-cut saws and axes. Pictured below is a 1950 model by Stihl.

Services expand into Chicago area.

Nelson introduces use of bucket trucks in line clearance operations, increasing efficiency and expanding Nelson's technological advantage.

1949 Jeep Crew Truck

1950 Studebaker Brush Dump

Nelson's reputation for equipment innovation continues with the development of the first mobile, self-propelled chipper.

Nelson comes under new ownership and expands the company's operation into Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan, becoming the largest tree service company in the Midwest.

Development of industry's first Mobile Safety Training program.

Mobile Safety Training Unit

Establishes manufacturing and distribution facility in Ashland, Ohio.

Unprecedented growth and opportunity allow Nelson to offer high-quality services to customers nationwide.

Ashland, Ohio facilities

Dayton, Ohio facility

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